Men's Skin Essentials

Planning Your Consultation

Good communication is essential when planning your procedure. In your initial consultation, you'll be asked to explain in detail what you would like to achieve.

It is important to set aside any awkwardness you might feel in discussing your skin and/or cosmetic issues and speak candidly about the problem areas and changes you'd like to see. You should feel completely assured that your concerns will be addressed and the best suitable outcome will be attained.

We will explain which techniques are most appropriate for you. We'll discuss the procedure, the possible risks, and the costs involved. Medicare may cover some procedures. It's important to have realistic expectations about your procedure. 

Keep in mind that your age and health may play a role in the quality of the outcome.

Even if you have wrinkles and sagging on your face, you may not need a facelift. In some cases, facelifts make men look feminised. It may be better to have treatments for wrinkle reduction and fillers and laser to remove signs of sun damage sun spots and broken capillaries to even out skintone.

Even skin tone equates to younger looking skin and can be achieved with a few low invasive minimal downtime laser procedures.

At Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic we have state of the art laser technology with several systems designed to treat all skin types and problems.

You will probably be happiest with subtle changes, that make you look more refreshed and youthful, rather than dramatically altering your appearance.

Most procedures have minimal downtime, however, you may have to set aside some time to recover from some procedures.

Men's Needs

First rule of thumb: Mens skin needs are fundamentally the same as women!

The main difference in men's skin is that it tends to be more sebaceous (larger oil gland) with larger follicles and thicker in texture. It still has the same needs as women and is susceptible to the same skin problems.

Just as women do, men need to cleanse and moisturise, as well as, look at some form of assisting the skin exfoliation. Effective cell exfoliation of men's skin means less likelihood of having shaving rashes, such as ingrown hairs, also known as 'pseudo folliculitis barbe'. Try using my Concentrated Clarifier.

A big mistake men make is to use too many foaming products on their skin, such as a soapy cleanser then a foamy shaving cream. This causes irritation and dryness leading to dull lack luster skin. It also causes the common problems of dermatitis.

Rosacea is also a common problem in men's skin. This is characterised by skin sensitivity, with redness, increased flushing and broken capillaries. It is exacerbated by anything that makes the skin flush e.g. heat, sunlight and alcohol (especially red wine). Rosacea can also end up causing pimple-like spots across the nose, cheeks and chin. It is good thing to know it can be treated - the earlier the better. Rosacea is guaranteed to get worse if you do not treat it!

Therefore, I recommend that men cleanse with cleansers that are NOT foamy, free from detergents and soap and are more gentle in nature, like my Concentrated Cleanser.  Many of these gentle creamy type cleansers can also double as shaving creams. This type of cleansing will stop the skin getting stripped of all its natural moisturising factors, as it is very important to maintain the barrier function of the skin.  Over-stripping leads to increased sensitivity, as well as contributing to ageing of the skin by increasing exposure to environmental irritants. This is why after using foaming cleansers and shaving agents, aftershave then stings when applied!

As far as exfoliating is concerned, I recommend active ingredient exfoliators, NOT beads and scrubs - which again damage and irritate. The type of ingredients I am talking about are the alpha and beta hydroxy acids, as in my Concentrated Clarifier.  The use of these help prevent shaving rash and ingrown hairs.  Even more importantly they are anti-ageing and leave the skin smooth and healthy-looking, as well as treating conditions that cause flaking on the skin, like seborrhoeic dermatitis (ie dandruff of the face, classically around the brows and folds around the nose).

Moisturising is a must!  

I am a fan of using a separate moisturiser from your sunscreen. Independent sunscreen products invariably have better UV protection. Having your moisturiser separate means it can be used at night, and most men will only need one type of moisturiser for day and night.

My Concentrated Moisturiser is ideal for mens skin. Hydrating and protective without being heavy and feeling like you are wearing a moisturiser.

Sunscreen should be SPF30+ with both UVA and UVB blockers. Apply after moisturising.

Check out my full range of Dr Natasha Cook Skin Care.

Men and Facial Rejuvenation:

At Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic, we specialise in masculine facial aesthetics and rejuvenation. Today, men of all ages and all walks of life are requesting procedures for cosmetic rejuvenation.  Men need a more balanced approach to achieve effective natural looking rejuvenation without feminising.  Men are turning to anti-ageing medicine and cosmetic rejuvenation to feel better, look younger, and even help with their careers.

But men's bodies, goals, and temperaments are special.  Men need unique procedures, done the right way. Men want a better defined, more angular shape on both their bodies and faces.  They want to look youthful and vibrant, rather than "beautiful."  We understand men's distinctive needs before, during and after procedures.  We understand that as a man, you want to look good for who you are, not necessarily different.



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