Wrinkle erasure with Muscle Relaxant Injections

No longer just for film stars and the rich and famous

Muscle Relaxants have become an extremely accessible treatment for the everyday individual.

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Muscle relaxant injections are the single most effective way halting the ageing process and preventing wrinkles. If you are serious about stopping ageing and having youthful skin you need to get serious about adopting these treatments into your routine.


"getting old is inevitable, but ageing is optional"

Dr Christiane Northurp


Muscle Relaxant Injuections

A muscle relaxant and treats the signs of ageing that are due to the facial muscles causing wrinkles in the skin.

Muscle Relaxant injections have changed over the last few years going from a celebrity procedure to now being quite normal, even a lunch break task in some cases. People are adopting this procedure as apart of their ongoing general maintenance, just like colouring their hair. Patients are also coming along earlier, realising that if they start treatments then the results are subtle, preventing the appearance of ageing instead of waiting for the signs to appear.

People are more aware of how simple and non invasive the treatment is while providing significant long term benefits. If done properly you can literally maintain the way you look now for at least 10 years, especially if you start in your thirties.

There is also a change in how the doctors administer muscle relaxants. We now know it has significant benefit when used in the lower part of the face to prevent jowls, as well as the traditional areas of the frown lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

It is also used to treat the muscle in people who grind their teeth. I have had patients who have spent thousands on mouth guards and dentists to treat grinding with limited success. A simple treatment of muscle relaxants may completely solve the problem of pain or grinding and enhance the overall facial appearance, by softening the square jaw line, a prominent feature in many teeth grinders.

We are also using muscle relaxants in the lower face and neck to create a chemo neck lift, known as the Nefertiti neck lift. This redefines the neck line giving a lift without surgery in the right patient.




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