laser treatment with Dr Natasha ook


At Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser clinic we choose the best technologies to address all things skin. This includes acne, scarring, surgical scars, rosacea + redness, pigmentation, sun damage ageing, skin cancer and general skin rejuvenation. We have a stable of the most cutting edge technologies, so we can customise signature treatments. Only licensed healthcare professionals work in the clinic.

Before and after photos of aesthetic dermatology can be a useful resource for patients. Be assured, there is no photo-shop or filter in these images. These examples are published to help patients have realistic expectations of procedures.


Clearing acne at any age or life stage requires a personalized blend of dermatology treatment. Drug and non-drug treatments are available, with laser and skin care options discussed with each patient. Acne usually requires a tailored treatment regime to address the cause, fix pigmentation or scarring, and set the patient up with the right solutions post-treatment.

Active acne on foreheadAfter treatment for inflammatory acne
BeforeAfter treatment with Dr Natasha Cook for inflammatory acne
Before treatment for acne with Dr Natasha CookAfter acne treatment
BeforeAfter acne treatment

Rosacea and sensitivity

Rosacea can manifest as flushing or blushing, fixed redness or capillaries and inflammatory lumps and bumps. A personalized combination of therapies including trigger avoidance, anti-inflammatory skin care,
oral medications and laser therapy is often required.

Treating rosacea, redness and sensitivityAfter rosacea treatment by dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook
Evening out skin tone and sensitivityAfter treatment with Dr Natasha Cook
before rosacea treatment with Dr Natasha Cook rednessAfter treatment with Dr Natasha Cook
Before Cutera treatment for rosacea by dermatologist Dr Natasha CookAfter Cutera treatment for rosacea by Dr Natasha Cook


Sun damaged pigmentation, melasma, freckles, sunspots (solar lentigos), age spots (seborrheic keratosis) can all be treated at Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic. It is also imperative to exclude skin cancer through expert medical checks and treatment.

A young lady with facial pigmentation and frecklesAfter treatment for facial pigmentation with Dr Natasha Cook
Treating pigmentation on darker skin type IVAfter treatment IPL for pigmentation without PIH by dermatologist Dr Natasha Cook
Before treatment for pigmentation The Australian sun damages skin over time but Dr Natasha Cook is a specialist who can identify treatment plansDr Natasha Cook correctly diagnosed and identified a bespoke treatment plan for a woman, who now has even skin tone that's tighter and more youthful
Post acne redness is another form of pigmentation that can be treated by Dr nNatasha CookAfter

Sun damage and photoageing

The sun’s ultraviolet light exposure often causes loss of collagen and elastin leading to sagging and skin wrinkling as well as pigmentation capillaries and sun spots in the skin. A personalized at-home skin routine and lasers are useful treatments. It’s vital that pre-cancerous sun spots are accurately diagnosed.

Treating sun damageAfter laser treatments and Morpheus8 radio frequency the skin tone is even, there is visible reduction in fine lines, skin laxity.
Before treatment with Dr Natasha Cook for skin laxityAfter Alma Hybrid treatment with Dr Natasha Cook