Our clinic specialises in skin health with a focus on what we consider are the six key skin concerns:  acne/congestion,  rosacea/redness, pigmentation, ageing, sun damage & rejuvenation.   In addition, we address scarring (both acne and surgical), skin lesions,  skin cancer. We strongly belief that  early intervention is prevention and encourage a proactive approach with all things skin.  ‘An Ounce of Prevention Is Worth a Pound of Cure’  Benjamin Franklin





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Acne & congestion

Premature ageing







Dr Cook is a pioneering aesthetic dermatologist, nationally and internationally recognised for her work with facial rejuvenation and injectables.
There are no high doses of fillers or botulinum toxin at this clinic. ‘Early intervention is prevention!’  Dr Cook uses her extensive skill and experience to ensure a fresh, natural result. Her philosophy is bringing out the best version of yourself so you can put your finest face forward.
Dr Cook is skilled at blending laser dermatology with injectable treatments of hyaluronic fillers, botulinum toxin muscle relaxants, fat-dissolving for double chins and jaw refinement.
Dr Cook’s vast array of knowledge and collection of laser technology sets her apart by allowing her to focus on fixing “the canvas” of the face, and the addressing underlying foundations.
Aesthetic injectable dermatology relies on three key elements – relaxants, fillers and fat-dissolving treatments – that manage, prevent or refine a range of conditions and skin concerns.

Dermal fillers

Lifting skin volume to elevate folds, replace volume loss and augment cheeks and jawlines,  requires skill and experience.
At Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin and Laser Clinic, we use proven dosage and types of dermal fillers for medical and aesthetic dermatology treatments.
We commonly use hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers, which are synthetic versions of a naturally occuring long chain sugar substance that act as plumping agents in the skin around our collagen fibres.
We use all grades, including finder HA products to fill lines and lips, temples and brows. More lifting and volumising HA fillers are used for the cheek, chin and jawline areas.

Wrinkles and folds

Dr Cook understands the right placement and dosage of dermal fillers to treat:

  • Nasolabial folds: the lines from the nose to the corners of the mouth
  • Marionette lines from the mouth corners downward towards the chin
  • Fine lines around the lips
  • Deep brow creases.
Treating skin volume loss

Skin loses volume starting  from around the age of 25.
Volumising the face by using dermal fillers in the cheek, jaw, jawline or chin areas can prevent the deep sags or lines associated with facial ageing.
Selectively replacing volume loss also stimulates natural collagen production, delivering a natural and proportioned look that is not over-filled or dramatic.

Dynamic and expressive facial lines

The creases and folds that appear on our face as it moves –  like smile lines or fine lines around our eyes – can be supported with dermal fillers to improve their volume.

Lip augmentation and rejuvenation

Gum and bone loss as we age, along with skin volume loss, means augmenting the lips can be a key measure to treat premature ageing.  Our expert clinicians know how to avoid overstuffed pouts and fake duck lips to deliver a natural result.

Chin enhancement augmentation

Some people have genetically underdeveloped chins or develop a crepey neck. As we age, fat, muscle and bone dissolves, so it can be important to replace what is lost. The chin is an important structural feature of the fact that many clinics tend to under-treat by relying only on lip augmentation.

Jawline lifting and structural enhancement

Skilled placement is paramount for optimal results. This procedure can be combined with dissolving any excess fat under the chin using Belkyra.
Our clinic has expertise in combining different technologies to lift and tighten the lower face by including the Morpheus 8 RF treatment to address general skin tightening and laxity.
The selective addition of fillers in key areas can enhance the lower face and lift the jawline.

Dermal filler for acne scarring

This is a low risk option, with minimal downtime treatment that delivers excellent results for those with crater-like scarring.

Botulinum toxin treatments

Muscle relaxants are now widely used to treat a range of health conditions, from headaches to excessive sweating and bruxism or teeth-grinding.

Botulinum toxin injections can be an early intervention to prevent sagging and facial ageing in areas like:

  • foreheads
  • frown lines
  • crows feet
  • brows and eye lines
  • dimpling of the chin
  • neck and neck bands
  • jawline definition
Treating double chins to enhance jawlines

Dr Cook was selected as one of a handful of Australian doctors to teach and launch the use of fat-dissolving injections to enhance jawlines and improve the appearance of double chins. After being educated in the USA in 2016 Dr Cook returned to Australia as a key product expert and helped educate the local medical community.

She was commissioned by Allergan to participate in a first and only international research study, combining fat-dissolving injections with fillers to improve the chin and jawline without surgery.

The research study included biopsies to show improved collagen levels in the skin secondary to the fat dissolving, creating a tighter neck and jawline.

Lipomas can also be treated with this technique in select circumstances.



Darlinghurst Dermatology Skin & Laser Clinic uses leading laser technology and energy-based devices to treat all skin concerns and conditions, including acne and congestion, rosacea and sensitivity, dehydration, pigmentation, sun damage and ageing, skin lesions and scarring.

Our clinic includes an extensive stable of the latest laser and energy-based device technology.   We continue to  research and invest in global, evidence based emerging technologies. Examples include:

More powerful and effective than IPL, this treatment is based on pioneering technology from Stanford University.

It activates the anti-ageing genes in our DNA to deliver excellent results with minimal downtime or side effects.

The broadband light therapy can remove pigmentation, freckles, age spots, small vessels and relieve acne as well as stimulate collagen production.

A laser treatment plan must be tailored to your skin diagnosis but will generally improve skin texture and skin quality.

ProFractional uses laser energy to create thousands of microscopic channels in the skin to invigorate the body’s natural healing process, stimulating production of new collagen.
It is an effective treatment for premature ageing, wrinkling, sagging skin, sun damage and different scars, including acne and surgical scars.
We routinely treat surgical scars after skin cancer surgery to optimise your cosmetic outcome.
Ablative lasers produce the most dramatic outcomes for severe facial wrinkles, dyspigmentation, and textural skin challenges and lesion removal including moles.
It’s often suited to resurfacing the skin removing moles and lesions while reducing wrinkles, sun spots or age spots, acne scarring and pigmentation..
Erbium ablative laser technology can also be used to treat the whole face or selective areas for ageing, wrinkles and sun damage. This has a little bit more downtime than the fractionated treatments.
This device has been crafted with the help of leading dermatologists to safely and effectively treat vascular and pigment conditions

We have recently added the newest platform of this technology to the clinic. It is one of the most effective treatments on the global market for redness and rosacea.

The system uses a unique high-power green laser absorbed by abnormal blood vessels in the skin to treat

  • rosacea
  • diffuse redness
  • facial veins
  • angiomas
  • port wine stains
  • poikiloderma (red blotchy sun damage on the face neck and chest)
  • wrinkles
  • bruising
  • inflammatory acne
  • benign pigmented lesions
  • age spots

Known as ‘cold cautery’ or hyfrecation, this is a radio frequency-based laser that heats and destroys unwanted bumps.

It’s ideal for certain skin lesions, which require careful dermatological diagnosis and treatment. It can be great for lesions like sebaceous hyperplasia (overgrown oil glands).

Combining micro-needling with radio frequency energy, this treatment induces repair processes and tightening and contraction of the skin tissues at all levels.

The bipolar radiofrequency skin needling can be used on all skin types and is ideal for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, skin tightening and scarring. Can be used to treat other areas on the body to tighten and improve skin quality. The most sophisticated effective Rf needling device on the global market.

This combined CO2 laser, non-ablative 1570nm laser and thermal technologies is a powerful resurfacing tool which remains safe for most skin types and keeps downtime low.

It has a uniquely synergistic effect to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring, others scars and offers complete control of parameters settingto create a bespoke treatment program tailored to skin condition and available recovery time.

It includes a patented ultrasound technology to deliver pharmaceuticals through skin microchannels.

This is the most advanced photo skin rejuvenation laser system on offer today.

Intense Pulsed Light laser is a photodynamic therapy that treats a range of skin conditions, with an even pulse that avoids side effects of stinging or heat on untreated areas.

Solari IPL delivers total skin rejuvenation for:

  • sun damage
  • ageing
  •  age spots
  • enlarged pores
  • pigmentation
  • acne
  •  rosacea
  •  redness
  • broken capillaries

Safe on most skin types and all areas of the body, including chest, hands, arms, neck and back.

The Korean equivalent of the Clear and Brilliant laser, this is a non-ablative fractionated 1927nm laser that is excellent for total skin rejuvenation without the downtime.

It’s suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types <link to>.

A fibre-based laser that treats with accuracy and precision. Used to treat premature ageing, pigmentation, melasma, acne and surgical scars, lentigos,and actinic keratosis. Minimal downtime. Can also be used on the arms, chest and hands for skin rejuvenation and premature ageing.

The world’s most popular ND YAg lasers. Made in Korea this cutting edge technology uses multiple and adjustable wavelengths to achieve superior results safely.

A  range of conditions can be treated including: pigmentation, sun spots, redness and inflammation; breakouts; skin tightening; rejuvenation, red acne scars, skin texture..

Suitable for  all skin types with minimal downtime.

The gold standard of LED phototherapy was originally developed by NASA and has been found to photo modulate cellular functions by improving healing times, relieving pain and rejuvenating skin.

It can treat inflammatory acne, rosacea, redness,premature ageing; wounds and other inflammatory issues, working at a cellular, sub-cellular and deep tissue level.

It can be used as an adjunctive therapy and is usually non-invasive and pain-free.

This energy based device (EBD)  can help treat multiple indications and sometimes prevent the need for oral therapies for inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea or dermatitis.